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2016 Rates - Volume 44
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 Libraries & Institutions
 Printed Version only
U.S. Destination    $188.00
Non-U.S. Destination    $218.00

Online(1) Version only   

 Printed and Online(1) Versions
U.S. Destination    $248.00
Non-U.S. Destination    $278.00

Online Subscriptions
  • Available only to libraries & institutions with dedicated IP addresses
  • Rates include up to five (5) IP address ranges.  For this purpose a range is defined as any set of IP addresses that share the same figures in the first two fields (ie up to the second period). If access is required on more than five ranges, there will be an additional charge of $20 for every additional five IP ranges.
  • Online subscribers must provide the following information in the special instructions box at check-out
      • Email address of the Librarian
      • Dedicated IP address(es) on which JIES is to be viewed
Private Individuals & Students(2)
Printed Version
Private Individuals
U.S. Destination    $60.00
Non-U.S. Destination    $90.00
U.S. Destination   $50.00
Non-U.S. Destination   $80.00

(2) To qualify for these heavily discounted rates, journals must be mailed to home address of the private subscriber and paid for by the subscriber, not by institutions. For the student rate, please submit copy of valid student ID.  iejournal@aol.com;
Fax (202) 508-1018

Private individual subscribers to The Journal of Indo-European Studies may claim a 20% discount on the price of Monographs.  Agents and Booksellers receive a 15% discount on Monographs. Please use this form to order Monographs at a discounted rate.